A New Diet Study and Spare Ribs for Dinner

A diet study, published yesterday by the Journal of the American Medical Association did the media circuit today.  I felt a little bit vindicated in that it indicated low-glycemic diets result in more permanent weight loss.  It was such a small study, however, that I can’t get too excited.  But it is yet another study piled on top of dozens that show that carbohydrate calories are turned into fat while protein and fat calories are not.

The study did implicate very low-carbohydrate diets in increasing risk of cardiovascular disease, but this is still controversial.  Besides, most people don’t stay on a very low carb diet forever.  I strictly adhered to the Atkins diet phases one and two for a year.  I lost fifty pounds and then started adding more carbs like fruit, beans, lentils and quinoa—this is how the diet works.  The head researcher of the study said the same thing Gary Taubes has said in his books Good Calories, Bad Calories and Why We Get Fat and What to Do About It, as well as a few New York Times articles.  Carbohydrates make you fat.  This is not new—it’s just finally getting a little attention.

 In celebration of low carb vindication, we’re having spare ribs from our cow.  My parents bought ½ a steer from my aunt and uncle’s ranch.  We’re going through it fast.  It’s delicious, lean grass fed beef.  We’ve eaten all the hamburger and stew meat and we ate the liver (made pate from the leftovers) last week.  We smoked the brisket last month, so all that’s left is a bunch of steaks and these spare ribs.  We made them in the slow cooker with uncured bacon and apricot, pepper sauce.


We spoke cave-man at the dinner table tonight.


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