Lunch Mouth

Pat’s mom used to call him a “lunch mouth” when he’d beg for food.  Well, guess what?  Like father, like sons.  Recently, I’ve been especially worried about Isaac, our six-year-old, who follows me around the house complaining of being hungry.  He is literally obsessed with baked goods (often the first thing he says in the morning is “what’s for dessert tonight.”  I’ve been trying to experiment with a wheat free diet higher in protein and fat and see if that sustains him longer and curbs his compulsive cravings.  Yesterday, a family friend told me that her niece eliminated wheat from her daughter’s diet and her behavior improved dramatically.  Dr. William Davis, in his diet book Wheat Belly, also provided evidence showing a correlation between wheat consumption and ADD.  Since Isaac is prone to frustration and tantrums, as well as distraction and inattention, I thought I’d give a try.   My biggest challenge has been the well-meaning grandmothers.  They call me the “food police” and undermine my efforts at every turn by earning the boys’ adoration with pie and pasta.

So here’s the lunch reform I’ve implemented.  In place of almond butter and jelly sandwiches on whole wheat (of which the boys lament the loss daily) we’ve been having nuts, seeds, nut butter on apples or celery, cheese, olives, avocados, hard boiled eggs and the typical fruits and vegetables.

We made an assembly line today.  Luther pitted the cherries with our handy gadget (give that kid a kitchen tool and he’ll do almost anything) and Isaac put the almond butter and raw sunflower seeds on the celery.  Every plate was clean in 15 minutes.  Score.


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