The Breakfast Wars

Breakfast became a nightmare when our punk eight-year-old suddenly stopped liking oatmeal, eggs and a half dozen other breakfast foods.  I could deal with it on weekends, but on busy days, I wanted to throw my hands up and let them all starve.  I finally snapped last week when, before I could even down my second cup of coffee, they started whining in chorus about the apple walnut oatmeal I’d just made.  When two-year-old Walter flung his bowl across the room and yelled , “HATE!”  I told the two older boys to leave the table.  Before I would let them back in the kitchen, they had to make a list of healthy things they WOULD eat.  Also, they would be preparing their own breakfasts from now on.  I posted the list on the fridge and pledged to be a million times better about having them help in the kitchen (the “help”  is a pain in the ass, but they are far more likely to eat what they make themselves).

It appears I’ve won the battle.  For the past four days, they’ve eaten breakfast with no complaints.  It’s working so well, we’ve made lists for lunch, too.  I’m doing much better at letting them fix their own meals, too.  I’m a little worried about when school starts–things get rushed and I let good habits slip.  The war could kick my ass.  But I’m sure as hell going to enjoy this lull in the battle.

So here’s our list.  It’s got everybody’s favorites on it.  I know who will eat what, but older kids might want to make individual lists.

The Kids’ Food List


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