How to Smoke a Pork Butt

start with a clean grill so air can get to the lower vents, you don’t want a bunch of ash down there

cover 1/2 the lower grill and make a wall midline with heavy duty foil

a pan of water for humidity, light her up

I cut the tines out of one side of the top grill to provide access for dropping in fuel

that’s what you want, a proper charcoal fire

I use mesquite, charcoal for fuel, wood for smoke and fuel

again, safety third

the rub

the rub, I always use this mix of spices, in everything. Agave syrup or brown sugar

pork “butt” or shoulder, bone in, from Hobe Meats, a local independent butcher

I see cooking like design. It’s all about composition, proportion and placement. I’m not big on measuring

give it a rub

ready for the grill, T minus 10 hours

fat side up on opposite side of grill from fire

our Bar B Que doesn’t have a thermometer, this is how we do it, it’s too hot now

I’ll need to close down a vent

and here

2 hours in, one of the keys is to get a bark started early

3 hours in 150*, out of “the danger zone” 45* to 145*

roasting some fava beans while letting the butt get slowly to 180*

exactly 10 hours and a perfect 180*

this is what we call the “Wubba” that perfect moment when all the collagen in the connective tissue has been cooked into gelatin.

the bark holds in all the juices

vinegar with chipotle chiles, jalapeno, lemon rind, garlic, allspice, juniper berries, mustard seed, salt and agave syrup

the first perfect bites

all pulled in 10 minutes

with braised greens and mashed cauliflower


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