Lee Lee Market

The boys come home tonight, so tomorrow it’s back on the health wagon. I’ll have to make up for four days of them eating ice cream and cheesy poofs with my parents.  Forget that—Pat and I have to make up for eating cancer meat and movie popcorn.  It was worth the health risks we may have incurred.  It’s also been fun eating things that the kids hate.  For example, for dessert last night I made dates stuffed with goat cheese and drizzled with honey.  If  Lute and Isaac had been home, they would have said the dates looked like cockroaches and then cried themselves to sleep because dessert was so disappointing.  Pat made sure to supply the cockroach remark, but he happily ate ten of them.

Not having all three for a few days reminds me of the easy days—which at the time we thought were the hard days.  Having one kid, though, is pretty close to having no kids.  You can stick him in front of the TV while you check Facebook or let him play in his crib for an hour after he wakes up so you can sleep in.  If those were the easy days that means these will seem like easy days when we look back on them in ten years.  Ack!  I think I just channeled Kathy.

Today I went to Whole Foods, Safeway and Lee Lee Asian Market in Peoria.  At Whole Foods, I stuck to my list and got in and out pretty fast.  I did take a moment to tell a manager that I thought they should stop carrying Horizon Organics milk because it comes from factory farmed cows.  He didn’t say anything–he just stared at me for a long time.  I felt ridiculous, so I finally said really cheerfully, “Well, have a good day” and pushed my cart along with Walter babbling in the back.   There’s a part of me that wishes I’d said, “Have a good day.  Those cows won’t.”  When I passed him in frozen foods, he wouldn’t even look at me.

Great achievement in self-control.

When I went to Safeway, I hit the produce section, got the tomato sauce on sale and grabbed another thing of ricotta–in and out in 15 minutes.  Lee Lee is different.  You have to spend a lot of time there.  The three of us went after Walt’s nap.  We looked at the Buddhas and got cantaloupe bobos and then vegetables for pad thai tonight.  When walked past the cases of fish on ice,  Wally looked got really worried.  I think it’s all those fish eyes staring at you.  Then I picked up more chili paste and coconut milk.  Lee Lee carries Aroy D coconut milk for $1.49.  It doesn’t have guar gum in it and it comes in a BPA free can.  I thought I’d try their shirataki noodles, too.  Shirataki is great for low carb diets, but it has a weird texture.  I tried the spinach fetuccini version they have at Whole Foods with Alfredo Sauce.  It sucked.  But we thought the regular shirataki might work well with pad thai.  We were right–we found the perfect dish for these noodles.  I rinsed and dried out the noodles before Pat added them to the sauce and they were good.  Pat basically followed this recipe minus the banana flower, shrimp and preserved turnip.  He used coconut oil which adds a depth of flavor but isn’t overpowering (I’ll explain all the hype about it later).  He added shredded green papaya, pak choy  and what we think was tamarind paste (the can on the far left below).  Whatever it was, it worked.  Like curry, pad thai leaves a lot of room for creativity (and resourcefulness if you have things in the fridge to get rid of).   Just promise me you won’t skip the fish sauce.


2 Comments on “Lee Lee Market”

  1. hayabusa mma says:

    Thanks for providing such kind of healthy and testy foods.Grate services!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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