What We Spent and What We Ate

We spent $203.45 this week, which was better than last week.  I had to scrap plans for salmon tonight because we’d already hit our limit.  Here’s what we actually ate:

Saturday:  go out/guacamole with pomegranate (BEST THING EVER)

Sunday: smoked pork butt, cauliflower, braised kale (kale was beautiful and Pat took the ugliest ever picture of it)

ugliest food picture of all

  Monday: pork, green beans, salad w/tomatoes

  Tuesday: shirataki pad thai–Amazing and very low carb

  Wednesday: leftover pork, salad

  Thursday: eggplant ricotta bake –very simple and fast + delicious

  Friday: I have no idea what the hell I’m making for dinner tonight.

You can compare this to the menu I planned.  A word about plans–when I was a high school teacher, I planned every day.  I knew exactly what I wanted the kids to do, but I also knew that we’d think of other things we wanted to talk about or we’d have a fire drill or they would hate a story and I’d have to either make them like it or give it up.  I always planned loosely so I could make sure the kids were  learning and not just conforming to a schedule.  It’s looking like this is going to be how the meal planning thing will work too.  Plans change.  It never bothers me.   I just want a plan.  On Fridays, I’ll post what we actually ate and the grocery receipts.  That way I can mention what was worth doing again.  This week it was definitely the Martha Stewart eggplant ricotta bake.  It was ridiculously easy (I just looked at the recipe once and then improvised) and it only took a few minutes to prepare.  We’ll make the guacamole again soon, too.  Our pomegranate tree is nearly dead and pomegranates are expensive, so it’s a treat.  It’s easy–I just let a bag of Trader Joe’s avocados sit for a few days, mash them up, add some minced shallots or garlic, a little hot sauce or chiles, lime juice and some salt.  Then mix in the pomegranate seeds.  Easy peasy, pretty and healthy.

Receipt 1

Receipt 2–sideways!

pork but receipt


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