The Cheese Debacle and Other Fool’s Errands

Saving money sucks.  I’m a slave to Safeway and their damn club cards.  How can I not buy organic blueberries for $2.99 a pint?  It makes me feel bad because I’m pretty sure some poor farm laborer suffered for them.  When you’re on a tight budget, it’s a tough call.  Last month Safeway ran a special for National Dairy Month (more about the evils of the Dairy  Council later).  If you bought $40 worth of dairy that month, you got two free movie tickets.  What a deal!  Well I spent over the $40, mostly on really socially irresponsible cheese and I didn’t get the coupon.  I talked to the manager twice, I called Catalina Coupons and got the run-around.  I filled out their on-line form, but to no avail, because I’d lost one of my three receipts showing my dairy purchases.  I finally gave up.

I also tried to transfer a prescription to the Safeway pharmacy, but that too was an exercise is frustration.  I made four visits to the pharmacy and they couldn’t figure out my insurance or how to transfer my prescription from Walgreens.  The young pharmacy assistants were ill-trained and totally incompetent.  I finally gave up after I’d wasted several hours on the endeavor.

So is trying to save money worth the time?  If it requires any extra effort, I would say no.  If you’re just following the routine of checking ads and on-line coupons, I’d say yes, it’s worth it.  It’s also worth it to check your receipt.  Last week, Safeway over-charged me for blueberries on sale, but fixing it was just a matter of telling the cashier.

So no more getting sucked into buying products I don’t believe in to save a few bucks.  I’d rather eat less.

Here’s this week’s projected menu’s.  I’ll post what we actually ate on Friday.

Saturday:  spicy cole-slaw and hamburgers with ground flax seed

Sunday: falafel, baba ganoush, hummus and lentil tabouleh

Monday: Hawaiian Pizza with low-carb crust and a spinach salad

Tuesday: spicy sesame shirataki noodles with vegetables

Wednesday: trout, green beans and cucumber/tomato/avocado salad

Thursday: beef ribs, cauliflower and kale

Friday: seared tofu salad with einkorn pasta


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