Low Hanging Fruit: Great Lunch Gear

School starts Monday!  A big part of our school routine is making lunches.  I was dreading starting up again until I started looking for lunch boxes.  Now I’m excited.  We usually use Laptop Lunch boxes.  Whole Foods used to carry them, but now I have to buy them on the internet.  Frances and Smeeks on Camelback and Central have some cute finds, as does Little Artika at the Biltmore (but they’re not re-opening until November!).   Most of these you can find locally as well as on the internet:

Skip Hop Zoo Lunchies (Target, $14.99).  They won’t last forever, but they have matching zippers (the cat has a mouse!), which is very important.



Aladdin Chill Lunch Box (www.shopaladdin-pmi.com, $14.99).  This one is easy to open and the perfect size for little ones.  I love the freezable pod at the bottom.



Box Appetit Lunch Box by Black+ Blum (www.reusit.com, $21.95).  Lid serves as a tray with a dipping container.




Lunchskins sandwich bags (www.reuseit.com, $8.95).  Dishwasher safe bags in different sizes–much cuter than plastic baggies.




Kids Konserve nesting stainless steel containers (Whole Foods, $24.95).  They’re expensive, but durable and leak-proof.




Bobble Carry Lunch Box (Target, $12.99).  It’s definitely not leak proof, so it’s minimally useful.  It is very cute, though.  The Bobble water bottle is the best part–it comes with its own filter, so kids can fill it from the tap or drinking fountains at school.  You can get different sizes and colors at reuseit.com.




The foogo thermos (reuseit.com, $15.95).  This is a great kids’ thermos.  It can keep milk cold all day–a much better alternative to school milk.




Aladdin artist series insulated bowl, E. Martin (Aladdin, $19.99) Okay, so this one’s for me.  I love Emily Martin’s Etsy shop and I want this bowl.




Oots Lunch Box, (Little Artika, Phoenix.  $40.00).  Okay, it’s expensive.  But the containers inside are great and you can throw it in the dishwasher.




Pixiespit napkins (Etsy, $14.00).  You’ll find tons of cloth napkins on Etsy, but it’s probably easier to make your own.


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