Low Hanging Fruit: Easy Mix and Match Lunches

I used to stagger into the kitchen at 6:00 in the morning be stricken with a terrible sense of dread.  What was I going to pack in the kids’ lunch boxes.  I finally got my act together and now it rarely happens.  First, I get the boys to make some or all of their own lunches.  If vegetables, fruit and legume, grain or pasta salad are prepped the night before, the boys can just mix and match whatever they want.  There are rules though:  one carb, one protein, one fruit and two vegetables.  I monitor and help and we usually get it done in 10-15 minutes.

If you’re not big on morning thinking, it’s a good idea to have ideas posted on the fridge.  That’s why I’ve this handy list for you to print and post.  If you find yourself in a panic, just look at the fridge and take a deep breath.


For lunches far more sophisticated than mine, visit the brilliant blog, Out of the Box Food.


One Comment on “Low Hanging Fruit: Easy Mix and Match Lunches”

  1. Margot Mason says:

    You Are Amazing! Margot

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