Low Hanging Fruit: A Crash Course in Food Politics

This week’s pick will require a 1/2 hour of your time and $1.99.  The film Nourish, part of a PBS series called Power Shift: Energy + Sustainability, explores the story  of where our food comes from.  Just click on the picture below and download this movie from Amazon for $1.99.

It’s a very small investment of your time and money–totally worth it.  The movie is concise and visually appealing.  This is not a masterpiece, but it briefly touches on most of the major issues that fall under the “food politics” umbrella–and it’s way easier (albeit less interesting) than reading three Michael Pollan books and suffering through the creepiest scenes in Food Inc.  Enjoy.

Click below for the action guide:

Michael Pollan’s Supermarket Secrets


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