What We Spent and What We Ate: You Get a Line and I’ll Get a Pole, Honey.

We spent $183.96 this week.  We didn’t make the farmers’ market either day, so I stocked up (i.e. wasted a whole lot of money) at Trader Joe’s.  This week’s big event was Pat and Lute’s fishing trip to Hawley Lake Saturday and Sunday with my dad, my brother and my cousin Al.  Al lived up there for a long time and went to school with the Apaches, so he’s good to have along.  Our family always stays at one of the cabins that the Apaches have rented out ever since they kicked the white people out of them.

Lute is officially a big boy.  He caught his first fish–a 13″ rainbow trout.  I’ve always wanted my boys to have a Huck Finn kind of childhood–except without the abusive father and the homelessness.  This picture fulfilled the fantasy:

He also went crawdad hunting for the first time:

The day after they got home, Pat grilled the trout.  He let them smoke a while, which I love.  The boys would have eaten more if they hadn’t been so smoky, though.  Pat gave the boys the best part–the cheeks.  It was an all around great meal and we all agreed Luther’s fish tasted the best.

Ikey made me proud this week, too.  While I can’t yet attest to his artistic or literary prowess, he is turning into a good eater.  This came home in his backpack yesterday:

It reads, “I eat with my family.  It is really good.  I eat stuff like couscous salad.”  

That’s my boy.

Trout goes well with greens, so this week I made braised kale.  I’d never cooked greens until I did Atkins last year.  You’re supposed to eat dark, leafy greens every day,  so we started making kale, chard, and mustard, collard and beet greens.  I sort of hate them now, but at least I know how to cook them.

Click here for a brief run-down on different greens and how to cook them.

This is my basic method for cooking greens.  Here I used kale, but you can do this to anything green.  First, tear the leaves off the tough stems and wash them.  If the pieces are still large, cut them into ribbons.  In a large pan, saute some garlic (don’t let it get brown) and some onion in a few tablespoons of olive oil.  Then add your leaves.

Saute the leaves on medium heat until they no longer have that chalky, white film on them.  They’ll turn a pretty, bright green color.

Then turn down the heat a little and put the lid on a minute.

Then add wine, broth or water and turn up the heat again:

I poured in a little too much broth here because I was trying to take this picture.  Cook off most of the liquid, add a little salt and a squeeze of lemon juice and you’re done.

They’re best hot, so do them just before you sit down to eat.  It will take you about 10 minutes.

This week I used up everything in the freezer (partially to make up for my spending spree at TJs).

Saturday:  Ikey, Walter and I had tomato and avocado salad

Sunday:  Chicken soup from the freezer.  I threw in some carrots and egg noodles and it was wonderful.

Monday: Grilled trout, braised kale and cornbread

Tuesday:  Black bean chili from the freezer

Wednesday: We fed the kids black bean chili again and Pat and I stayed up late watching TV.  We ate eggs and bacon and all the chocolate covered walnuts out of the trail mix jar.  My kind of night.

Thursday: My whole family went to Don and Charlie’s for my husband and brother’s birthdays.  Lots of wine and ribs.

Friday: Green chile from the freezer

Here’s the week’s receipts:



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