The $200 a Week Challenge

Our goal is to feed our family of five for less than $200 a week for a year.  I will provide weekly receipts and  menus for each week’s dinners in “What We Spent and What We Ate,” usually posted on Fridays.  We eat grass fed beef ($4.99-$6.99/lb.) once or twice a week from steer we purchase twice a year, so this is factored into the weekly budget.  We don’t have a garden (we’ll let you know when that changes), so we visit the farmers’ markets once or twice a week.  Most other groceries are purchased at Sprouts, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and Safeway.  Our groceries are whole, organic fruits, vegetable, legumes and grains, as well as grass-fed, organic meat and dairy.  We buy locally produced food when we can and try to purchase fair trade products when we can’t buy locally.  We’re not geniuses when it comes to money, but we like a challenge.  We want to see for ourselves whether a family of five can eat safe, healthy, earth friendly, ethically produced food on a tight budget.  Let the eating begin.


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